We make sure ​your business is ​Paid Promptly.

Paid Promptly aims to drive cash into businesses faster by accelerating receivables processes through automation.

How Paid Promptly helps Receivables teams​

Personalized customer outreach
Contact your customers how and when they want to hear from you.
Automations for frequent collector actions
Automate the tasks most frequently executed by your collectors.
Request routing for customer responses
Track requests requiring collector intervention so the ball never gets dropped.

Why Paid Promptly outreach changes the game in Receivables

We apply learnings from customer relationship management to create the communications journey that your customers want​.
Our outreach solution is personalized, and we work with your team to include the right information in our templates to enable your customers to take action directly from our messages. ​
Communications are also digitally optimized and easy to consume on a customer’s computer or mobile device. ​

Our solutions deliver value in 3 ways

Increase your cash collected

Paid Promptly helps increase your customer response rates and get more customers paying their invoices.

Decrease your days of sales outstanding

By surfacing issues sooner, Paid Promptly helps you reach earlier resolutions and collect payments sooner.

Reduce the total open customer items

Paid Promptly reduces open items over time, reducing the number of customers a collector has to action on going forward​.

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